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is affianced in offering Passport, Visa and Foreign Exchange related services.
We have a dedicated team that assists the clients who want to apply for different types of passports and visas for hassle free travel.

Permission to pass; a document issued by a country, permitting the person therein named to pass or travel from place to place, without molestation, by land or by water.

Types of passports services
Regular Passport (Blue cover) - Issued for ordinary travel, such as vacations and business trips (36 or 60 pages)

Diplomatic Passport (Maroon cover) - Issued to Indian diplomats, top ranking government officials and diplomatic couriers.

Official Passport (White cover) - Issued to individuals representing the Indian government on official business

A visa is an indication that a person is authorized to enter the country which "issued" the visa, subject to permission of an immigration official at the time of actual entry. The authorization may be a document, but more commonly it is a stamp endorsed in the applicant's passport.

Types of Visa services

Transit Visa usually valid for 5 days or less, for passing through the country to a third destination.

Tourist Visa A document that allows a limited period of leisure travel within a country, but no business activity

Business Visa for engaging in commerce in the country. These visas generally preclude permanent employment, for which a work visa would be required.

Temporary Worker Visa
for approved employment in the host country. These are generally more difficult to obtain but valid for longer periods of time than a business visa. Examples of these are the United States' H-1B and L-1 visas.

Spousal Visa or Partner Visa granted to the spouse or partner of a resident or citizen of a given country, in order to enable the couple to settle in that country.

Student Visa
which allows its holder to study at an institution of higher learning in the issuing country. Students studying in Algeria, however, are issued tourist visas.

Working Holiday Visa
for individuals traveling between nations offering a working holiday program, allowing young people to undertake temporary work while traveling.

Immigrant Visa
granted for those intending to immigrate to the issuing country. They usually are issued for a single journey as the holder will, depending on the country, later be issued a permanent resident identification card which will allow the traveler to enter to the issuing country an unlimited number of times.

Electronic Visa
The visa is applied for e.g. over the internet and stored in a computer and is tied to the passport number. Australia (calling it ETA) and the United States (from 2009, calling it ESTA) have this system, although it is not called visa by the US (since it does not follow the US law about visas).

Schengen Visa
is a special document that allows a Schengen visa holder to travel freely within the 25 European Countries. Holding the Schengen visa means that you can travel to any of the Schengen zone member states using one single visa which avoids the bureaucracy of obtaining individual visas for each country. So, if you wish to do a tour of Europe, you just need one "stamp" in your passport called the Schengen.

Foreign Exchange

The system by which one currency is exchanged for another: enables international transactions to take place.
Instruments such as paper  currency  notes , and checks , used to make payments between countries.
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